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Robin Sydney Trivia

Robin Sydney

Robin's mother Marion visits the set the first day of shooting to be a source of support for Robin. She got the idea from Jessica Biel's mom.

Robin grew up with, went to the same school as and is good friends with Jessica Biel. When Robin moved to California to pursue her acting career, Jessica gave her some helpful advice.

Robin enjoys singing and is currently working with a music producer to write tracks in the club/hip-hop genre. She sings in second soprano.

Robin owns and operates a company called Luckyness, which manufactures and distributes lucky charms and other gift items across America and Canada.

Robin enjoys hiking and the art of Feng-Shui.

Robin began her acting career when she was eight years old in a children's group called the Peanut Butter Players.


Robin Sydney Quotes

Robin Sydney (on working with Gary Busey): On the day that I worked with him, he was so crazy. I didn’t have to act scared, I was just so scared - there was no acting involved!

Robin Sydney

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