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Robin Sydney in the Press

Interview with Variety

“Standout supporting players include Sydney”

She again stands out as an actress to keep an eye on, as I barely recognized her from those other three movies. The characters and her look are that different.
“The acting was excellent…impressive was Robin Sydney, another upcoming young starlet with a pile of TV cred and some big parts coming soon.”
“ Robin Sydney. Her work is terrific. She is absolutely beautiful and a hell of an actress on top of that. She’s not even afraid to bare more than her soul.”
“The main cast member who really shines is Robin Sydney, who plays a femme fatale who’s wise beyond her years.”
“ One of Chris Sivertson’s strengths is also in being able to obtain fine performances…particularly good is Robin Sydney who gets right into the femme fatale thing and really goes for it with a performance that burns up the screen whenever she is around.” Richard ScheiB
Movies Online
 “Robin Sydney captured me. I love Robin Sydney's work but I have never seen a performance like this before from her. She is so beautiful in this film. I love the whole cast and the whole movie and everything about it.”

Press Releases

Interview with Variety
June 26, 2008
Horror Interview with The Gravedigger
October 15, 2007

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